All Greens Arrangements




Here at Dásos, we believe greenery is the foundation element of floral design. Greenery is essential when creating a bouquet or arrangement because it layers in texture and adds depth. All greens arrangements, bouquets, backdrops & installations can look completely lush and stunning!

 The way in which leaves are grouped together can spice things up. Here are a few of our tips for designing all greens arrangements.

 1. Look for variants in foliage. Leaves aren't just green. They come in a range of green shades, from light to dark, from plain to textured, with acid-yellows, pale greens, mixed in with grey-blues, etc. The variety can be infinite!

2.  Look at the leaves' shape & texture. Just as interesting and infinite as leaf colors, the textures and shapes of leaves are an important part of creating an all greens arrangement. Find those eye-catching textures that will give your arrangement depth.


3. Select leaves according to the season. Some leaves are better during certain seasons! Look to combine those light & feathery leaves with stronger and coarser leaves. We recommend placing heavier leaves at the back.


 4. Keep those greens shiny!  To make the leaves look brighter, rub them with a little olive oil. This will brighten shiny leaves, & will also remove any stains. Try to trim away the withered, brown or damaged part of the leaves (if there are any!) to keep your arrangement looking fresh. *Read here for more on how to care for your greens to avoid withering.
For any other questions, make sure to contact our plant experts!