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We bring you closer to nature.


 Dásos started in 2010. Located in Petén & Antigua Guatemala.  

The farm is focused in maintaining, rescuing and developing endangered species, focusing specifically on flora.
Due to the danger of extinction of many of Guatemala's species
of flora, our Dásos project is born, bringing nature back on its course. 
We believe in sustainable farming: from our rain water reservoir, to our reforestation projects
and solar panels. Our purpose is to conserve our local resources and protect our environment. 
We focus on cut foliage, pot plants, high-quality wooden products
& consumer goods. 
 We're all about protecting & conserving our resources and above all, our environment.  
You might be wondering where the name "Dásos" came from?    
Dásos is greek for "forest", one of the pillars of the farm.
We believe in sustainable forestry & responsible farming, delivering nature &
  happiness through everything we do.
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