Taking Care of Your Cut-Greens





Taking Care of Your Cut-Floral Greens
When thinking of foliage, we always want it looking fresh. Caring for it goes a long way in keeping it looking fresh for a longer period of time. 
When receiving greens & foliage, you want to be quick in placing it in water. Before this, though, make sure to clean the stems and leaves that will come in contact with the water. We don't want any bacteria in our water (this diminishes the life-span of our leaves!) Try to cut your stems diagonally (stems can absorb more water this way). It's important they're placed in clean water.
If your greens are going to travel on a long journey, make sure they're kept somewhere cold & airy. Keep them out of direct sunlight and warm climates. 


Keeping Them at Home
Make sure to change the water in their vase regularly, cutting the stems (diagonally) every time you change it. Some leaves will likely last more than others. It's better to remove the leaves that are starting to wither, to avoid bacteria in the water. 


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