Zanzibar Croton

The world's most colorful houseplant. Croton Zanzibar adds a new twist to the traditional look of croton plants. Although its leaves are every bit as colorful as other types of croton plants, the shape of their foliage varies. Other types of croton have broad, flat leaves. Mammy Croton has crinkled leaves. This Croton looks like the life of the party! 

Plant Care

  • Water your Croton once every 1 - 2 weeks, when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch. 
  • Thrives in medium to high indirect light. Their leaves are less colorful when receiving little light. 
  • Croton's love lots of moisture! Regularly misting it will keep it looking its best!

Bonus Tip:

Croton leaves are dust magnets. Gently wipe the leaves with a moist cloth twice a month to keep them clean and dust-free!


Planter Options & Dimensions:

- Giverny (Black, White, Red, Indigo, Coral, Brown): 14 cms Tall x 16 cms Diameter

- Mirabell Ceramic (White, Blush, Black, Red, Coffee, Indigo): 14 cms Tall x 14.5 cms Diameter

Pozas (Black, White, Red, Indigo, Coral, Brown)16 cms Tall x 15.5 cms Diameter


*Our nursery pots are only available in TERRACOTA color. The rest of our Stoneware Ceramic Planters are available in White, Blush, Black, Red, Coffee & Indigo.

The image makes reference to plant style and color. However, Dásos Crotons may vary in size and height. 

Each plant comes with its branded care card, direct access to Dásos Farms experts, and our guarantee to be there every step of the way. We aim to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as the plant itself. 

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