Monstera Deliciosa

Nicknamed the “swiss cheese plant”, the Monstera deliciosa is famous for its quirky natural leaf holes. A vibrant green beauty, it can give any interior space instant jungle vibes, and only gets better with time! Monstera Deliciosa is native to the Tropical Americas. Btw, it can produce edible fruit (hence the name, Deliciosa), it is extremely rare for them to produce it indoors though. Monsteras are famous for their broad green leaves with natural holes that grow bigger with time. 

Plant Care

  • Monsteras like normal room humidity, but they do prefer more humid conditions if possible.
  • They thrive in bright to medium indirect light! Keep them away from intense, direct sun.
  • Water your Monstera Deliciosa weekly, allowing potting mix to dry between waterings (your soil about 1-2" down should be dry to the touch). Increase watering with increased light.

Bonus Tip:

Irritating to cats, dogs, and humans only if foliage consumed. Monstera fruit is edible to humans. Best practice is always to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and pets!


Planter Options & Dimensions:

- Fuji Ceramic (White & Black): 30 cms Tall x 24 cms Diameter



The image makes reference to plant style and color. However, Dásos Monstera Deliciosas may vary in size and height. 

Each plant comes with its branded care card, direct access to Dásos Farms experts, and our guarantee to be there every step of the way. We aim to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as the plant itself. 

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