Fiddle Leaf Fig

Also known as Ficus Lyrata. Ficus Lyrata's broad, fiddle-shaped leaves make it a total a focal point of any room! Treat it well and you’ll have a real showstopper. It can grow for up to 15 meters tall in the wild! As houseplants, Fiddle Leaf Figs grow for up to 2 meters. They're native to the rainforests of West Africa. They may drop a few leaves now & then, this is totally normal.

 Plant Care

  • Thrives in bright indirect light, but can tolerate medium indirect light. Try to place it in a bright room (not too close to windows, it doesn't enjoy bright direct light!)
  • Water once or twice per week. Check it once a week, if the top two inches of soil are dry, it's time to water.
  • Try misting him regularly! It also absorbs water through its leaves.

Bonus Tip:

This plant is not toxic, completely baby & pet safe!


Planter Options & Dimensions:

- Fuji Ceramic (White & Black): 30 cms Tall x 24 cms Diameter

*All planters include drainage hole.



The image makes reference to plant style and color. However, Dásos Fiddle Leaf Figs may vary in size and height. 

Each plant comes with its branded care card, direct access to Dásos Farms experts, and our guarantee to be there every step of the way. We aim to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as the plant itself.