Low Light Plants at Home

Floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows with lots of sunlight! Sounds nice, doesnt it? But if your place does not have this, read our tips to find out how to create an at-home oasis full of low light suited plants.


Go Low

Plants don't really like low light, but some plants can survive it. Light is food for plants, and their only source of food is by a window. Plants won't grow much in low light, and if they do, they'll likely be pale. Plants thin themselves in low light (they'll probably drop their leaves too). Plants in low light use the last of their energy to search for light. If you see your plants growing slowly, thinning or drooping, move them closer to a window. 

It's important to think about where you want to place your plants. Generally 1.5 meters to 2 meters away from a window is considered "low lighting". And more than 3 meters away from a window is way too dark. 

These are some of the low-light tolerating plants we love.



Pothos is super tolerant of lower light conditions, perfect for those north-facing windows or windows that face other buildings. By adding a pothos, you can really create a better view.

Snake Plant 

They're low light tolerant & easy to care for, recommended for beginner plant parents! 




For any other questions, make sure to contact our plant experts!