Greenery Design Tips





Be it Cut Floral Greens or Potted Plants -
the color green adds a little extra vibrance to your every-day life.
At home
Be it greens or live plants, greens help create that summery feeling all-year round. When thinking of live plants, the trick is to pick greenery that reminds you of your ideal tropical vacation! Choose plants that have particular textures and colors that provide contrast to your interior decor. When thinking of foliage filled flower arrangements, the trick is to create a vibrant explosion of color & texture. To achieve this, we recommend choosing up to five different types of flowers with two contrasting types of foliage (Dásos Variegated Premium Fishtail combined with Monstera leaves, for instance). Green adds life to any space, it calms your mind and makes you a little more creative. Why not add greenery to your spaces, then? Try this out at home, we guarantee you'll brighten those every-day spaces.
Bonus tip: Take a picture of your green spots at home and tag us @dasosfarms on IG. We like to see our greens & plants in full-action! 


Greenery Filled Events
Foliage should never be ignored as a form of big-day decor! Greens add dimension, come in various color shades & textures and can even smell good, too. Whether you're trying to embrace autumn foliage or want a green filled event with arrangements, backdrops & installations: green always (always!) adds that extra touch to your events. 




Bottom Line
Green makes everything better.
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