Easiest Indoor Plant

Our thoughts on the easiest indoor plant



For those of you that don't have green thumbs and are scared of killing plants. We've got our thoughts on your go-to easiest indoor beginner plant. 


 It's normal to feel hesitant when it comes to plants. You're probably already a great plant parent. If your looking for something more on the easy side, though, we do have a suggestion. 

Pothos are our ideal indoor choice for beginners and those seeking low maintenance plants. Pothos are great, they add that extra touch of green, plus, they don't need too much attention to thrive. Its trailing vines will grow downward on basically any surface they're placed on. 


Whether you choose to place it on a bookshelf or place it in a hanging basket, we're 100% sure you'll be able to keep your Pothos looking happy for many years to come!


For any other questions on beginner plants, make sure to contact our plant experts!