Choosing the Perfect Planter




Do I need a new planter? 
You do! Before we tell you why, can we congratulate you on your new plant? Now, comes the first step in being a plant parent: repotting! It's the main reason why you need a new planter. Here's how to pick the perfect one.
Get the gist.
It's important to know the terms "pot" and "planter". Pots, generally are smaller, round and usually, contain only one plant. Planters, generally are meant for the outdoors, have no regular or specific size and can contain one or many plants. Here at Dásos, we like to use both terms to refer to our indoor plant containers. 


Size does matter.
We refer to our planter or pot sizes, in inches. This size does not refer to the plant at all, its only the measure of the diameter of the pot. For example, a 4" Peperomia, means it comes in a 4" diameter pot. A cactus that fits inside a 4" may be 1" or even 1 ft. tall. We recommend you choose a pot 1-2" larger than the pot you currently have your plant in. If your plant is larger than 10", however, we recommend you choose a pot 2-3" larger in diameter.


Does the pot need drainage?
Yes. We do recommend selecting planters and pots with drainage, or placing your nursery pot inside your pot or planter. Its totally possible to make your planters without drainage work with a little more finesse. Remember, don't give your plants more water than 1/3 of the size of the container. We also recommend (if your pot doesn't have any drainage), to line the bottom of the planter with any type of rock. This creates crevices for the excess water to drain into. This helps prevent your roots from rotting! 




All done
Now that you're ready to choose your pots or planters, consider this one last thing! What is your planter made of? Our advice is to choose porous planters, or do like we do, place a nursery pot inside your pot. 
For any other questions, make sure to contact our plant experts!