Premium Variegated Fishtail

Known as Fishtail, because the leaf resembles a mermaid's tail. Grown in our Petén farm, the strongest ornamental in our Foliage Product Catalogue. Its leaves are washed, sorted in sizes, cut and checked, to ensure the highest quality. After packaging, they are ready to be shipped world-wide. Our fishtail is perfect for beautiful bouquets and creative arrangements, installations or backdrops!

Please note: Prices are set per bunch of 15 leaves. 

Sizes Available: 

  • XL - Length: 71 cms or more. Stem length: 12 cms 
  • Large - Length: 64 to 70 cms. Stem length: 12 cms
  • Medium - Length: 54 to 63 cms. Stem length: 10 cms
  • Small - Length: 45 to 53 cms. Stem length: 10 cms
  • Mini - Length: 35 to 44 cms. Stem length: 8 cms

(All sizes include stem length)

* All leaves are delivered in a period from 2 to 6 weeks. For more information contact us

  • Q23.50