Anthuriums 101

Here's how to care for your Anthurium 



Anthuriums are flowering plants, distinguished by their brightly colored flowers (which btw, aren't really flowers, but modified waxy leaves!). The more bright indirect sunlight your Anthurium is in, the more "flowers" it can produce. To keep it healthy, try to prune or cut off any dead foliage or flowers (also, if you have air conditioning, try to keep it away from it). Like other blooming plants, it has its blooming cycle. It has a few months of flowers, and a few months without. Each flower can last up to 2 months. 


Caring for your Anthurium 


1. Sunlight - Anthuriums like bright, indirect to medium light. They dislike intense, direct sunlight.

2. Water - They need watering every 1 - 2 weeks, allowing soil to dry between waterings. Remember, increase frequency with brighter light.

3. Humidity - They dislike dry air. During the winter or colder months, try to keep his humidity high. During the warmer months, boost its humidity with a humidifier.

4. Temperature - They like their temperatures from 18 - 24 degrees Celsius. (They're ideal city plants for cities like Guatemala City!)


Common Problems

Yellowing leaves (too much direct sunlight or overwatering), new flowers are green instead of red, pink or white (too much sunlight)


For any other questions on Anthuriums, make sure to contact our plant experts!